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  • Boost Profits on Google+ Local

    If you are not using Google+ Local then you are missing out on a lot of business.    Just search for your business keywords and see how many listings are Google Plus on the first page – you might be surprised. A Google Places listing is one of the most powerful money-making tools you can [...]

  • 5 Scary Website Mistakes

    Don’t Make Your Customers Run For The Hills Great news….somebody has visited your website. Hurrah! Perhaps they might buy your product or decide to use your services…but wait…oh NO! They are leaving again. “What?” you cry, “They only stayed for 5 seconds”. I’m sure your website doesn’t look like the example I’ve found but yes, [...]

  • Facebook Facts

    Facebook continues to innovate and evolve for example , the timeline is introduced, Facebook purchases Instagram to try and dominat ethe mobile market. Why is FB so effective? 1. It’s mobile 2. It provides visual engagement And these features will continue to have a massive impact on social networks and business marketing. Americans spend 2.7 [...]

  • Why your business should take Google+ seriously

    Google is now a household name and has passed into the vernacular. The very word Google has become a verb. You never hear anybody say ‘I yahooed’ something or I ‘binged’ something. It is testament to Google’s overall popularity, the fact that ‘to Google’ is a commonly accepted verb. It is one of the most recognized brand [...]